Brazilian babe Leticia Bufoni drops F-Bomb on live TV after winning X-Games gold

The Brazilian skateboarding babe Leticia Bufoni recently dropped an F-Bomb right after winning the Women’s Street final at this year’s X-Games in Brazil. Check it out below…

Skater chicks are a tough bunch and they’re usually not afraid to speak their mind, like Leticia Bufoni who wasn’t afraid to let her feelings known after winning an X-Games gold medal in her home country recently.

After finishing off her final run Leticia was enjoying the moment when ESPN’s Jordan Whitley tried to get a few questions out of her.

However, Leticia was obviously overcome with emotion, so when she was asked, “Can you describe this moment?” she simply replied: “I’m so fucking happy”.

She sure was… and it’s not the first time today that we’ve seen the F-Bomb being dropped live on TV – check out the other offence here.

Now, here are those pics of Leticia you came to see:

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